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Bright Orange, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard, UPF50+ Bright Orange, Long Sleeve, Rash GuardElectric Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard, UPF50+ Electric Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-Letters
Average Competitor Price: $32
Liquid Peace Price: $19
Special Price: $16

Average Competitor Price: $32
Liquid Peace Price: $19
Special Price: $16

6mm Knee Sleeves | Open Patella or Full Sleeve | Comfort, Function and Confidence |
6mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve-Open Patella or Full Sleeve

~6mm SuperStretch Premium Neoprene
~90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon
~Provides warmth to the knee
~Helps Maintain Stability
~4-Way Stretch Provides even compression
~Open Patella helps maintain position
~Patellar opening provides additional stabilization around the knee cap
~Reduces pressure and pain to ailing knee
~Helps Support weak, tired, stiff, strained or over-used knee

Average Competitor Price: $38
Liquid Peace Price: $19
Liquid Peace Special: $15

   Wetsuit Beanie Cap-OrangeRed Wetsuit Beanie Cap  Royal Blue Wetsuit Beanie Cap

~1mm Premium Neoprene
~SuperStretch Neoprene: form fitting
~80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon
~Extremely lightweight & flexible
~Premium Quality neoprene
~6 Panel Construction for better fit
~Flatlock seam stitching
~Durable, Flexible & Strong
~Smooth and comfortable
~Stops heat from escaping through the noggin
~Reversible to all black
~Helps maintain core body temperature
~ Insulates a thin layer of warm water around the head

~Protective DWR coating wicks water away
~Provides warmth & sun protection: Wet or Dry
~Wicks water: Wet or Dry
~100% wind and sun resistant
~Wear alone or under helmets
~Built for comfort, function & performance

Average Competitor Price: $24
Liquid Peace Price: $14
Liquid Peace Special: $12

Zinka Waterproof Nose Coat Life guard WhiteZinka Waterproof Nose coat BlueZinka Waterproof Nose coat Total Block greenZinka Waterproof Nosecoat-Hot PinkZinka waterproof Nosecoat-Total Block -FleshZinka Waterproof Nose coat SunBlock-BlackZinka Nose Coat Waterproof Sun block-RedZinka Waterproof Nose coat Total block-YellowZinka Waterproof Nosecoat Sunblock-Army GreenZinka Nosecoat Waterproof Sunblock-Orange

Zinka Colored Nosecoat provides a “Total Block” offering superior protection against UVA / UVB rays. Our formula withstands the most extreme weather conditions including wind, heat, cold and wet. Zinka Colored Nosecoat is a sun BLOCK not a sunscreen, the color stays on your skin ensuring maximum protection by reflecting sunlight so the rays are not absorbed by the skin.Waterproof, moisturizing, Non-sting, and No Alcohol. Zinka Nosecoat comes in 10 colors: Lifeguard White, Electric Blue, Day-Glo Green, Hot Pink, Flesh, Black, Red, Yellow, Army Green & Orange.

• 100% UVA and UVB protection
• Waterproof
• Moisturizing
• Non-sting formula
• Alcohol free
• Dermatologist recommended

Active Ingredients:
• Zinc Oxide
• Titanium Dioxide

Average Competitor Price: $6.95
Liquid Peace Price: $5.95
Special Price: $4.95

Thermal Rash Guard/Compression Shorts  Black Rash Guard Poly Fleece, Thermal, Compression Shorts     Zinka Sunscreen Lotion-30SPF

~UPF 50+: Maximum Sun Protection
~Flatlock Stitching: Strength, Durability & Comfort
~7 Panel construction for increased Mobility
~Padded Elastic waist line
~Quick Dry: Wet or Dry
~Heavy duty 8 oz. Lycra
~Soft, comfy, insulating Poly Fleece inner lining
~8oz. Poly Fleece increases warmth
~7 inch rash-free inseam
~Naturally Water Wicking
~Antibacterial and Odor resistant
~SuperStretch: 4-way Stretch, form fitting
~83% Poly Fleece Lycra, 17% Spandex
~Built for Comfort, Function& Performance
~Decreases irritation under board shorts, wetsuits, uniforms & workout/gym shorts
~Provides Protection against Rash and Sun

Average Competitor Price: $34
Liquid Peace Price: $22
Special Price: $18


Zinka SPF 30 Sunscreen / 3 oz. tube / Clear / $7.95
~ Clear Zinc Oxide formula
~ 100% UVA and UVB protection
~ SPF 30+

~ Highly water resistant
~ Moisturizing
~ Safe for children
~ Non-sting formula
~ Non-greasy
~ No slip grip
~ Dermatologist recommended
~ 3oz bottle – safe for airlines
~ Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin A and E

Active Ingredients:
~ Octinoxate 5.0%
~ Zink Oxide 4.3%
~ Octisalate 3.0%
~ Oxybenzone 2.5%

Average Competitor Price: $10.95
Liquid Peace Price: $9.95
Special Price: $7.95

Liquid Peace-Black Label Leash, More for Less, Surfboard Leash, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft

Liquid Peace | More for Less | Surfboard Leash
Liquid Peace-Black Label Leash, More for Less, Surfboard Leash

~ Quality urethane cord and built in double swivel
~ Super Strong, maximum quality urethane Cord
~ UV Stabilized; Designed to return Slowly
~ Stainless Steel Tie in

~1 1/2 inch Hook & Loop single wrap strap
~Detachable Railsaver

~ Premium Velcro Straps for comfort & strength
~ Fortified Webbing to stop rail saver stiffness & folding

~ Double lined, sleek Neoprene Padding cuff for ultimate ankle comfort

~ 1 Year Full Warranty

Average Competitor Price: $22-28
Liquid Peace Price: $15 or $16

Clearance Items

White with Blue side panels, Long Sleeve Rash GuardWhite with Black side panels, Short Sleeve, Rash GuardElectric Blue, Short Sleeve, Women's Rash GuardBlack, Long Sleeve, Rash GuardElectric Blue, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard-ClassicPoly Fleece, Thermal, Long Sleeve, Rash Guard
$8 or $14$8$10$8-14$14$20

Wetsuit gear Specials
2/1mm Neoprene Wetsuit Vest-Pullover1/1mm Neoprene Wetsuit Jacket-Pullover in Men's and Women's Sizes.

Purchase $100 or more and receive a Free gift, sorry, we have to select it based on inventory.

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